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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

I could not recommend Matt More highly. He is absolutely GREAT to work with, has truly impressive knowledge of local housing (both to rent or purchase) and worked very hard to get us the home we wanted in an incredibly tight market. My wife and I recently moved from Maine and had no knowledge of the local market so Matt was instrumental in getting us our home in New London. We were very glad to have his help and insight.

Paul Catsos


I don’t know how I would have made it through this daunting process without your expertise! And, what’s more important, thank you for looking out for me and and advocating for me. I am very appreciative of all the hard work you did for me! With deep gratitude, Hillary

Carol, We really liked dealing with you and although some of the real estate agents we have gone through are personal friends, I don’t think anybody provides as good a service to clients as you do.


I’m happy to add my endorsement of Matt and Housing Solutions Real Estate. Working with Matt has been one of the most flawless parts of our relocation to the Upper Valley. I have no negative feedback on the firm and cannot think of a “con.” In fact, we became increasingly frustrated with the realtor representing the sale of our home in WI because her efforts were so marginal compared with the attentive and thorough services we received from Housing Solutions Real Estate.

Matt’s extensive knowledge of the area (which includes real estate values, cultural offerings, commuting routes, and school districts) helped us weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the many small villages and towns in the region. I’ll probably continue to read his blog because it’s full of the little gems that can be hard to find in a rural area. He is a great listener and he remembered all of our preferences when helping select properties. Like Todd, I started by wanting to see everything but quickly came to trust Matt if he told us a property would not meet our needs. This was essential when we decided to make an offer on the foreclosed property that we purchased. Matt found us reputable companies to conduct the septic and house inspection under a very tight time frame.

Since closing on the house two weeks ago, I have continued to consult with Matt for recommendations on plumbers and contractors in the area.


Thank you (and Matt) again for all your help, patience and guidance. You guys are great and we will recommend Housing Solutions to anyone we know moving to Upper Valley!

Carol and Matt were superb in assisting me to buy my first home. They were wonderful in guiding me through the process start to finish and we are absolutely delighted with our purchase. I would highly recommend using Housing Solutions, trust me you won’t regret it.

Dear Carol,

This note of thanks is certainly long overdue but very well deserved. Your caring, patience and intuition were unparalleled and so very appreciated throughout this overwhelming process. While many go through a days work being content with just “getting the job done” you outdid yourself on a daily basis in getting us information, putting us at ease, and showing that you truly care. We are forever grateful for you caring and look forward to sharing our home with our friends, families and you and Matt (and Duke) as soon as life calms down a bit.

Many Many Thanks!

Our final success in the hunt for our new home took three long years, three towns in three states… and just one lucky break. When we arrived in Hanover, facing Hanover’s unique housing market, we were daunted by what we saw…until we considered a buyers-only broker. Searching the ‘net for buyers-only brokers in Hanover took less than a second, and we landing on Housing Solutions Real Estate. When we saw that they were right in town, instead of making a proper, first-time appointment, my 3-year-old and I popped in unannounced, and were immediately greeted warmly by one of the owners. Carol Robert sat us down, offered toys to our little one, and then preceded to take us under her wing. After graciously showing us every single house within our range and then some — never once pushing or suggesting we consider anything that we didn’t feel was perfect for our family — at last, WE DID IT! We absolutely adore our new home, and we know that this dream, for us, would never have happened had we not had Housing Solutions on our side.

All the best,

Carol & Matt,

We both wanted to thank you for the above and beyond service you both provided when we started this process, it was hard to believe we would ever be able to actually buy a home but your help every step of the way made it a reality.

Thank You!

Dear Carol,

Mike & I want to thank you for all you have done to get us into a wonderful house. You went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you for always being available to answer questions and give advice. I still can’t believe we pulled it off!

We are so thankful to have had you help us through this process!


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