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When Are Home Inspections Necesary

Home Inspections, when they make sense, when they don’t – the Buyer must decide.

All real estate contracts are fundamentally about money & risk, the balance between price and risk is what negotiations are about.  As a Buyer you want a low price and low risk, as a Seller you want a high price and low risk – how do you reconcile those opposing [...]

Buying a Condo in the Upper Valley

Buying a condo in the Upper Valley today is dramatically different then it was just a few short years ago.  As with all housing in our region, supply has dwindled relative to demand as virtually no new condo complexes have been built recently or are being built now.  The last complex to be built in the area, Treetops in Lebanon sold out in [...]

Upper Valley Market Update - Spring 2022

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As predicted 2022 has proven to be a continuation of the severely out of balance market we have been enduring with supply extremely constrained and demand still remaining at historically high levels. As I write this interest rates are hovering around 5.5% for a 30 year fixed loans, up almost 3 points from the beginning of the