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Hanover High School Sending Districts

Hanover High School

SAU #70 is the nation’s first interstate school district serving students in Hanover, NH and Norwich, VT. Students living in Norwich, VT attend the Marion Cross School until the 6th grade and then transfer to the Frances C. Richmond Middle School in Hanover, NH for grades 7-8 and then attend Hanover High School. Hanover, NH students attend the Bernice A. Ray Elementary School until the 5th grade and then attend the Frances C. Richmond Middle School for grades 6-8. Area towns are welcome to tuition their children into the Hanover or Norwich elementary and/or middle school, but there is no busing available and the cost is a consideration.


At the high school level there are certain choices available to Upper Valley residents living in Sending Districts. Sending Districts are towns that do not have a high school of their own. “Choice Districts” are districts where students can choose to go to other towns’ schools. If you live in a Sending District or a Choice District there are different rules for paying the tuition to Hanover High School. Below is a comparative table from SAU #70 explaining the various options for Sending Districts.

Choice Districts’ tuition varies by town, so it is best to contact the SAU for each particular town.



This information was compiled and developed by Housing Solutions Relocation, LLC as a courtesy and should be used as a guide. Please verify information with school district and town offices.