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Knowing what service providers and local amenities are available to you when relocating can make the moving process less stressful. From trash pick-up or drop-off sites, personal errand services, and access to local gas stations, to the names of utility, telephone, phone, and internet service providers, a helpful guide to get you started can make all the difference. Here is a list of amenities and local service providers in the Upper Valley to make the transition to your new central Vermont or New Hampshire home smooth and easy!

We recommend scheduling utilities as soon as you know your move-in date. Some rubbish removal companies, fuel stations, and other service providers are locally-owned companies and do not have an online website. Be sure to always call in advance to check their hours of operation and to see whether you need to schedule an appointment before visiting the listed address.


Phone Providers

Here is a list of local and national phone providers in the Upper Valley. For more detailed, current information on specific services they offer—such as a landline phone service or bundled phone and internet service—contact the companies directly by phone or visit their websites.


Phone: (800) 870-9999


Phone: (800) 222-0300

US Cellular

Phone: (603) 298-0484

Fairpoint Communications

Phone: (866) 984-2001

Meriden Telephone Company (TDS)

Phone: (603) 69-9911


Phone: (800) 266-2278


Phone: (802) 885-9000


The following are primary utility providers in the Upper Valley that service the local areas. Contact representatives from your utility company by phone or visit their websites to schedule utilities, pay a bill, or find more information.

Green Mountain Power (Vermont)*

Phone: (888) 835-4672

Liberty Utilities (New Hampshire)

Phone: (800) 322-3223

Public Service of New Hampshire

Phone: (603) 669-4000

New Hampshire Cooperative

Phone: (603) 536-1800

*Central Vermont Public Service has merged with Green Mountain Power

TV Cable/Satellite/Internet

Here is a list of TV and internet providers for the Upper Valley. Some providers offer satellite TV for homes with unobstructed views, while others can install a fiber-optic network for phone service and high-speed internet from 25 Mbps up to 800 Mbps.


Phone: (800) 347-3288


Phone: (800) 266-2278


Phone: (866) 924-2001

Dish Network

Phone: (877) 785-3021


Phone: (800) 928-3266

EC Fiber (Vermont)

Phone: (802) 763-2262

Rubbish Removal

There are a number of private garbage collection and waste disposal companies in the Upper Valley that provide local rubbish pick-up or drop-off sites. Some companies require you to contract with them directly for their services. Multiple locations are also available for Casella so always be sure to check online for the closest site.

Casella Waste Systems

Phone: (603) 442-8975

Beauchene’s Waste Service & General Trucking

Phone: (603) 443-6354

Northeast Waste Services

Phone: (603) 443-9749

Fuel Stations

Here is a list of the locally and regionally-owned and operated fuel stations in the Upper Valley. Some may have limited hours of operation and no online presence so either contact the stations directly or visit Google, Yelp, or a local listing service first for more information.

Simple Energy

Phone: (603) 298-7200

Amerigas / Young’s Propane

Phone: (802) 295-2554

Suburban Propane-Pyrofax

Phone: (603) 448-4708

Irving Oil

Phone: (603) 298-8190

Cota & Cota Oil

Phone: (800) 622-0083

Dead River (VT)

Phone: (802) 457-5896

Rymes Propane & Oil

Phone: (603) 298-8234

Errands & Assistance

Whether you are a busy professional, individual, or corporate institution, there are a number of companies that provide errand and personal assistance services in the Upper Valley. If you don’t have enough hours in the day, you can find an assistant to delegate concierge services, event planning, errands, organizing services, and more. 

Knock Out Errands

Phone: (603) 523-4067

Complete Errand

Phone: (603) 298-6129

Everyday Errands

Phone: (802) 299-7677

Hours Saved

Phone: (603) 477-9788

Junk Removal/Purchase

Looking for junk removal services in the Upper Valley? If you’ve inherited a home or bought a foreclosure, these companies can help clear out everything you need to start over. They provide lawn care, appliance removal, junk removal, hauling, recycling, and other services. Contact them by phone to confirm the hours of operation and locations they service.

Ernie Stevens

Phone: (802) 989-5809

BML Property Maintenance

Phone: (603) 359-3273

Nordic Waste Services

Phone: (603) 442-0770

Creighton’s Lawn Care & More

Phone: (603) 448-5801

Moving Companies

If you need relocation services when moving to the Upper Valley, here are several companies that can help you move. Most companies also offer storage services as well.

Dartmouth Moving & Storage

Phone: (603) 448-0378

Daniel's Moving & Storage

Phone: (603) 448-1631

Hanover Transfer & Storage

Phone: (603) 643-3103

North American Van Lines

Phone: (800) 369-9115

Custom Moving & Storage

Phone: (603) 298-5926


For information on amenities and resources such as schools, recreation, travel, and more, you can visit our Upper Valley area information page. If you're ready to purchase your new home in the Upper Valley, check out some of our recommended searches to find unique Upper Valley properties.



This information was compiled and developed by Housing Solutions Relocation, LLC as a courtesy and should not be construed as an endorsement for any specific service vendor.