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Need a few tips:

  1. Pay attention to online marketing. 90+% of home buyers begin their house hunt online, so you need to be sure that your listing is the most attractive one they see!  Pictures are a must.
  2. Remember that curb appeal really is important. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Make it your best! Touch up exterior paint. Keep patios and porches swept. Weed the gardens and cut the grass.
  3. Have your house in the best shape possible. Be sure repairs have been made to things that are broken, faucets that drip, paint that is scratched, windows that are cracked.
  4. Make your home available. Don’t make it difficult for agents to get their clients into your home. They have to see it to buy it.
  5. Price realistically. If you want your house to sell, it has to appeal to a buyer. Part of that appeal has to be the price.
  6. Know your competition. Ask your Realtor to run the comps for your house. It will give you more confidence when negotiating a contract if you know what you are competing with.
  7. Delete and De-clutter. Remove family pictures and things that make the home so personal that a buyer might feel they could never live there. Pack away “collections” of things- your child’s artwork, your shot glass collection, things that clutter your counter tops and appliances. Clean the refrigerator. Make the house sparkle.
  8.  Pay attention to closet space.  Be sure that when you open a door, nothing falls of the shelf! Try to organize the closet so that it gives the potential buyer a good idea of the space available.
  9.  Listen to your agent. They are the professionals. They have “been there, done that”. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, listen to the answers and make educated decisions.